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Version 2.0 Written by buq Sat, Jan 4, 2020 12:22 AM
Version 2.0

A largest and most game changing update to date. 2.0 brings a death system, randomised vehicle pursuits amongst other new features. This update has also made way for development on the GTA-V project. Although slightly weak in numbers, I am determined to put out updates.

New Features

  • Players are now able to pass guns to each other.

  • A new HUD system that allows players to hide/edit HUD elements.

  • Randomised criminal vehicles in pursuits to eliminate reptitiveness.

  • Damage Logging. Damage is now logged until a player dies.

  • A death system has been added. Players go into a wounded state before being executed. A corpse spawns at the place of death.

  • Corpses. Corpses spawn when players are executed. They store damage data as well as a player's weapons when they died. Other players are able to take weapons from corpses.

  • Factions. Players are able to join other factions and gain XP for their faction. Factions will be able to spend their earnt XP soon.

  • MP5, and SMGs have been added to pursuits.

  • Pay N' Sprays have been added around San Andreas.

  • Players can switch into a free seat in a vehicle during the first 30 seconds of a round.

  • New login screens have been added.

  • AK-47s are now only deployed when there are players who can take an M4 out of the gunrack.

  • Annotated Messages are now not visible through walls.

  • Healing system with items available to buy in pharmacies at hospitals around San Andreas.

  • A new DM lobby map by buq.

  • A few more commands have been added for the freeroam lobbies.

  • A Tactical Situation is now run after 4 pursuits.

Improvements and fixes

  • The gunrack has had a major overhaul with both a text and a menu based system.

  • A vulnerability with the animation preloader which caused player crashes with long animation libraries has been resolved.

  • Tacitcal Situations actually now start after a few pursuits.

  • A 0.3.DL bug has been fixed which allows players to successfully re-connect after losing connection. /login? Pfft.

  • Criminals who have used a firearm cannot leave a round anymore.

  • Fixes an issue with the player object attachment system returning wrong item names.

  • Changes have been made to the way we store data in preparation for the GTAV project.

  • 100+ new interiors around San Andreas.

  • Players cannot switch lobbies when the second lobby finding algorithm is in use.


  • Removed the 'f' prefix from freeroam commands.

Version 1.3 Written by Nutter Fri, Aug 30, 2019 1:03 AM
Version 1.3

The server has been open for roughly 3 months and now I bring you version 1.3. Version 1.4 could may well be the last major update for the SA-MP server as I devote more of my time to the RAGE-MP server. The server is up for additional month because of the generosity of our donators. Here is the changelog for 1.3. Thank you for sticking by this far.

New Features

  • Rules system to allow players to view rules and for staff to force players to read a rule.

  • In-game registration system.

  • Trust system to complement in-game registration.

  • Holster system to show weapons on a player's body.

  • Allow donators to change their vehicle plates and fighting style.

  • Added useful commands such as /onduty and /beacons.

  • Profanity Filter.

  • Anti-bunnyhop system.

  • Prevent people from ninja-jacking other players.

  • Players can now shout in and outside interiors.

  • Let players choose between sending messages in IC chat or lobby chat while they are in the lobby.

  • Let players leave rounds by using /leaveround.

  • Tutorial for new players.

  • Allow admins to temp-ban players.

  • Stolen cruisers are limited to 60 MPH.

  • Several new maps created by @buq & @bonk.

  • Vests created by @Mussy & @tom are available via /objects.

Improvements and fixes

  • A pursuit is now selected from a collection of pursuits determined when the server starts.

  • A /me line has been added to /repair.

  • A bind for /engine.

  • Fix issues with /kill sending duplicate death messages to kill log.

  • Fixes an issue where skins were changed after entering interiors.

  • HSIU vehicle during HSIU pursuits are limited to Deputy Sheriff II+.

  • Frozen players will not be able to deal or take damage when entering interiors.

  • Force players into animations when they run out of taser charge.

  • Re-implement original SA-MP functions such as GetPlayerWeapon due to issues with vehicles.

  • Simplify weapon skill levels so Hitman is given when players have linked a discord account.

  • Fix issues with returning from drive-by.

  • Allow admins to load HSIU pursuits separately.

  • Allow armour to be bought in the first 30 seconds of a pursuit.

  • Bind /l to lobby chat.

  • Restrict Sultan to level 35+.

  • Reduce nametag draw distance.


  • Shotguns from tactical situations

Our first 24 Hours Written by Nutter Mon, May 27, 2019 11:39 PM
Our first 24 Hours

What an amazing first twenty four hours. In the 24 hours after the announcment of version 1.0, 50 new accounts have been created on the UCP. Following the accouncement, we had one lobby of 14 players and a second with a significantly lower player count.

However, I was forced to restart the server because pursuits were failing to start. Simply put, some of our pursuits can only handle a set number of criminals within a pursuit. The Stallion pursuit which starts on Route 11 (The road dividing Dillimore and Blueberry) is an example of such a pursuit as it can only handle two criminals. All of the pursuits which Buq made at around February/March, when I first explained my intentions for a new server, only supported 10 cops as there were only 10 sets of co-ordinates supplied. As a result, a full lobby of 14 players minus the two criminals would give the lobby 12 cops. As the two cops could not spawn, the game could not start.

I can only apologise for the issues faced on Saturday and I can assure you that future pursuits will cater for an upwards of 18 cops. This, however, does not mean the sizes of lobbies will increase in the near future.

At the time, I was forced to restart the server later that evening because a game could not start. The restart reduced the number of slots in each of the pursuits to lobby to around 10 each. I was expecting the player count to diminish after the restart but to my suprise, we held on quite well.

I was keen on uploading an update to provide a few fixes to the lobby system as well as to limit the server's slots to 20. If it was still at 28, 8 players would have had to wait in a DM lobby or a Freeroam lobby as the lobbies could not handle more than 10 people. I managed to upload an update at around 07:00 UTC with an additonal update due two hours later to a minor update to the unit system.

However, since 08:00 UTC, the player count had only kept rising and as the only admin online, I felt as though it would be best if I worked on the update slightly later. The update eventually went out at around 09:49 UTC. For the rest of the morning, we were averaging about 9 players which is not bad at all considering the concentration of pursuits servers on 0.3.DL.

In the afternoon a person had started their third stream on our server. I am unfortunatley not dropping any names due to the the bitter relationship between one of our rivals and the streamer in question. Simply put, I do not want this streamer to receive hate on their platforms by members of the rival community because of a name-drop. You probably know who this person is, but you have not heard it from me. At around an hour in, I believe, we hit 20 players. That is both lobbies full.

We have had administrators unable to login to the server for at least 2 hours because of the lack of slots. I will be working on an update to allow for 35 slots of which 5 are reserved for admins if the server hits 30. Lobby 3 has been created to temporarily help with this issue raising the slots to 30. After the streamer ended the stream, a few members of the community had come together in a voice channel on our discord and we had a great time as we turned the server into Lawless RP for a short period of time. However, this did not stop us from being attacked by a third party. Fortunately, nobody online at the time noticed anything different.

Taking on the feedback I received over the first twenty four hours, I had implemented an /id command as well as enabling weapon scrolling in a vehicle as a passenger with the keys you use to look left and right in a vehicle.

Over the 7 days, I will be working to create some documentation for players and the admin team. Hopefully then the server will be able to see new pursuits on the server. I am also looking to implement a new system that will allow Management to tweak weapon damage values on the go so we can find the best values without having to restart the server. I doubt there will be any major updates this week as I am monitoring the perfomance and stability of the server.

Verification System Written by ked Fri, Apr 19, 2019 8:30 PM
The verification system is what we are going to be using to firstly, link Discord accounts with UCP and in-game accounts. With this we can sync ranks and implement bot commands that show user information specific to that user without requiring confirmation that it is infact that user. Secondly, we can reduce spam accounts and accounts that are here to troll by requiring them to go through a verification process.

To verify your Discord account, start by running the following command: /verify [ucp name].
Once your recieve the confirmation message from @Traffic Lights, visit the dashboard ( and note down your verification code that is shown in the YELLOW box on the right side of the dashboard. Then re-run the verify command but this time with your verification code added to it. /verify [ucp name] [verification code]